JD Home’s illuminating candles are developed from a unique combination of fully-refined paraffin and soy. They are blended with maximum fragrance loads, greatly surpassing industry standards of sent concentration. This means you will save money buying a higher quality JD home candle instead of multiple less-concentrated blends. Home’s award-winning candles transfer scents into visions of life at its best to elevate your senses. 


Our blend not only burns up to 90 percent cleaner then its competitors, it also maintains the integrity and maximum volume of our unparalleled fragrances. When other candles lose the subtle notes and character after a certain burn time, our blend allows every nuance to burn until the candle is totally gone.


We’re as committed to the integrity of our process as our scents. Our state-of-the-art facility guarantees high quality and consistency throughout the lines. These American-poured masterpieces also contain wicks that are a combination of paper core and cotton core wicks. All of our wicks are lead free.