Working with private labels over the past several years, John David realized there was a gap in the market. “I discovered that it was very difficult to find candles with a consistent amount of fragrance. Often, manufacturers will ‘top-load’ wax with fragrance, meaning after an initial burn the scent is greatly diminished. I wanted to see if I could perfect the mix.” 

John David candles feature the highest scent-to-wax ratio possible. The fragrance is mixed evenly throughout the wax for a consistent scent throw for the entire life of the candle. 


John David has grown a following over several years with a series of residential and commercial projects that led to a retail storefront, Stinson Design Group. “With the store, I noticed candles were one of my top sellers, and I loved working with private labels and meeting other entrepreneurs who have successfully launched their own lines. They helped to guide me in the creation of my personal scents.” He adds, “I knew from the beginning that I wanted to do my own manufacturing so I could have control over everything from wick and scent... then to container and packaging. There’s a lot of craftsmanship in every detail.” 


John David says that he started with the idea of a single collection with six scents. However, the plan snowballed into six collections with multiple scents under each. “After I completed the original lineup, I felt that each had a great story that deserved to stand on its own.” 


The John David candle collections include: Lux, Signature, Gourmet, Solstice, Woodral and Vastye. The Vastye and Woodral collections have special ties to his family history. “Woodral is a family name on my father’s side. The individual scents are named after relatives that have had an impact on me throughout my life.” David shares, “Vastye is another family name on my mother’s side. The lineage has ties to French aristocracy that I wanted to play up in the collection. My mother is also an artist, and the Vastye logo is the signature from her works.”


Every candle in the collections feature three fragrance notes, a base note, high note and middle note. John David believes that scent is a trigger for memory and emotion.